Auction Fever!

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This past weekend we made a plan to go to our first outdoor auction of the season; always a favourite, when you can pull up a lawn chair, enjoy a nice day out and score some good finds.

…the reality check: it was a balmy 3 degrees (!) and pouring rain.

Vicki was in the shop on “iphone-call” to help make buying decisions, while I was on site scoping out the goods and making the bids.  Despite the cold damp day, it was tons of fun.

Below – Everyone: prepared with umbrellas and raincoats….me: frozen and wrapped up in my trusty down sleeping bag trying my best to stay warm!




Here is a showcase of some of the amazing things we saw, and some (read: lots!) we took home for the shop.  The auction started at 8am and by 3:30 I had to call Vicki to round up a trailer & come pick up a load of treasures.   Yeah! What a score for the first of the season.

a great collection of trunks and cases

 can you guess which ones we picked?

 winter fun

love the original cordless kitchen tools.

green potting bench…screaming Tin Barn

cant get enough of beautifully rusted, galvanized buckets

antique and vintage hardware, always tough to resist

hand carved primitive wooden bowl -been dying for one of these for a while now!

despite needing some cosmetic improvements, this retro icebox is gonna make someone really happy this summer!

 The end of the day – here’s a snapshot of “some” of the goodies that we plan on fixing up (or leaving rustic) and bringing into the shop!

Cool discovery – when we went back to pick up our second load, we discovered that this collector had actually been sought out by the Canadian Pickers and was on the show a few months before the auction.  We are going to have to look that up.

So excited to show you our haul!  The countdown continues with just one more week to go….


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  1. Love your updates and photos. Sounds like fun despite the lousy weather. Looking forward to the shop opening.

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