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For those of you who might need a catch up,
…we hosted a room makeover contest.

We wanted to offer help to people out there who might be struggling with rooms that, for one reason or another, just haven’t come together.
The plan was to use existing items in their house,  add a fresh eye and a little Tin Barn love and turn a problem space into a functional and enjoyable part of their home – in ONE DAY!
The submissions came in and we whittled it down to 5 finalists (NOT easy) and by facebook vote, Kimberly Raycroft & Peter Shaughnessy were declared the winners!

Kimberly and Peter chose to submit their dining room.  A big move and a second baby made completing this room fall right off the priority list.

Here’s some of what Kim said about the space:

 “One room that has remained totally untouched is our dining room.  There sits a gorgeous harvest table that we had made for us, and basically that’s it.  I am totally overwhelmed by the size of the room and the lack of time I have to dream and plan what to do with it.  Literally all we have done was change the pendant light that sits over top of the table.  It makes me so sad. One of things that I loved most about this house was the dining space. I pictured warm family meals with our close friends and family in that room for years to come… and the room literally sits cold and empty, often only strewn with kids toys that I collect at night.  It never gets used.”


Moving from a small house in Toronto to a much larger one in Almonte they only had the bare minimum for the room.  A really nice table (yay) and we also loved those metal chairs.

The space itself – gorgeous!  Big room, huge mouldings and 2 beautiful windows.


So, on monday we swept in, moved a lot of stuff around, added a little bit of this and that.  This is pretty much how the day went.



Voila, the results!!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .









Kimberly and Peter had a style that we could instantly connect with and the character in the house’s architecture was amazing.  They had collected some really nice pieces of furniture but taking any from other rooms in the house would have left a big hole behind.  Plus, nothing was really the right scale for this room anyways (read: large!)  So our first task was to hunt down some pieces that would fill the space & compliment what was already there.  The sideboard was the first and most important element.  We wanted something to ground the space and fill the back wall behind the table while being a generous surface for serving and display.

Then, we found this sweet industrial metal drawer cabinet that was the perfect thing to reinforce the eclectic style they had already established with the wood table and great collection of chair styles.


Another lucky find was this primitive bench that was the absolute perfect size for the door wall, cozying up what could’ve been a dead space and allowing for tons more seating and a more casual feel.


We hung some rustic folding chairs on the wall, ready and waiting for bigger parties. …or impromptu jam sessions…


We didn’t want to cover up the beautiful trim on the windows so we added some simple counter weighted burlap panels to soften the light and give the teensiest bit of privacy.


The Details

We wanted to use as many of their own possessions as possible, so we hunted around for items that we could use to make the space feel like home and very personal.  One of the few things that was actually in the room when we saw it was Peter’s beautiful collection of antique tools.  They were all pieces that were used by different members of his family over the years so we were excited to come up with a way to showcase them.

We know they have a love for things with a past and have recently returned to settle in Almonte where Kim was raised, so we thought these Almonte Flour Mill sacks were a sweet find and repurposed them as a wall piece.


And we found tons of great things of theirs to layer in.




What a great day it was.  Thanks so much to Kimberly and Peter for trusting us with their home!  And to all who entered the contest – we would have loved to do every one.  We hope this inspired you to see the potential of your own space and tackle that room once and for all!

vicki & errin



  2. Wow! That is one sweet room makeover! And the best part about it is that you used items that Kimberly & Peter already had, and that have special meaning to them. That’s the best way to create a personal, one-of-a-kind space 🙂

    Kimberly & Peter, enjoy your new dining room!

    Looking forward to popping into Tin Barn Market when I’m in Almonte on Saturday 🙂

  3. It looks gorgeous! I particularly love the white sideboard and old metal cabinet.

    I live in an old log house and storage is a huge issue so I’m a little envious of all that storage!!

    Great job and congrats to Kimberly and Peter.

  4. OH… MY… GOODNESS….this is absolutely amazing!!!! You girls did a fantastic job – I can feel the warmth just from looking at the pictures!!

  5. Looks great, nice to get all those family pieces put out for everyone to see is such a great room. So happy for you both.

  6. I love the antique tool displays and the filing cabinet. I’m borrowing those ideas for sure. Great job!

    Patricia in BC

  7. Amazing job ladies ! Looks wonderful,interesting and unique as I knew it would. As always great ideas. Love it!

  8. Errin,

    Every time I see anything posted of Tim Barn Market, I am blown away by the amount of creativity and beauty in your photos. I am hoping to make a special trip to Almonte to visit your store. Can’t wait.

    Sandra Byrne

    PS. Hope you’re doing well 🙂

  9. Aw it is amazing!! she has my picture frames though 🙁 Congrats :)It is surely a room to showoff, entertain in and enjoy. Perfect


    Amazing work ladies!! I have been thinking of using burlap on my windows at home, I LOVE your treatments.

    You are so talented!!

  11. Wow.


  12. Amazing! I love what you did. What really impresses me was how you transformed the space without changing the basics – by adding the right things and putting them in the right spots you made the space like something out of a magazine. So inspiring!

  13. Oh wow…just gorgeous. Lots of great ideas. Will have to pop in again soon and get my office underway!!

  14. You did an awesome job! it was quite the transformation. Marion

  15. Amazing!! Hair up, hair down, you girls worked hard and it paid off. Tin Barn IS magic!

  16. Wow, so so so beautiful! You guys have such an amazing touch when it comes to styling and presentation!

  17. I can almost feel what it would be like sitting at that table in the dining room surrounded by all those treasures: at peace. You’re so talented. The video was fun too. Well done!

  18. Incredible, just incredible. Well done.

  19. Stunning, warm, inviting. You turned the space into something any family would love to spend time in.
    Beautiful Job!

  20. FANTASTIC!!! I just love it! And in ONE DAY???

  21. What a great looking re-do. I spend a lot of time on a site called Houzz. Being well into an extensive reno I use this site for all sorts of reasons. Your work Tin Barn should be added to the Houzz site. Check it out…. Your personalized room makes a warm and interesting home.

  22. Looks amazing. Very well done.

  23. What you have done is utterly fantastic, Vicki and Errin. From making your way into a permanent shop in Almonte to showcasing your talent for acquiring treasures of a bygone day to drawing our community closer to one another with creativity, hard work and support. You two are blessed and you bless those who come into your world!

  24. Wow, amazing job. It is a very warm, welcoming space with a sense of history….. a room that one would love to be entertained in for hours.

  25. I want this room… So many sweet ideas – love the tools in the shadow boxes, I am so copying that idea!!! I have the tools and never knew what to do with them.

    Love every single thing you’ve done here.


  26. When I saw the first after photo, I thought I was looking at a inspiration photo you were using for direction with the space! When I realized it was their true after, my mouth dropped open and I gasped!!! Enjoy the space and cheers to many gatherings in it.

  27. Wow this makeover is amazing!!!! I love it! Great job ladies… I love everything you have done with this room!

  28. Wow just found this on your pinboard! How awesome! Love what you did!

    Laurie @ Vin’yet Etc.


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