WANDERLUST part 1: Mexico.

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While Errin will be taking some time off later this spring to have her baby, as part of the Tin Barn’s “sympathetic mat-leave benefit plan”, I’ve decided to spend a month and a half exploring some other, warmer parts of the world.  I am always looking to escape the bitter chill of Canadian winters but mostly, I find a change of scenery the best way for me to feel re-inspired and thaw out the creative juices.  We thought it might be fun if I occasionally checked in along the way and shared some of my journey on our blog.  We hope you also find inspiration in the colours and sights of some of faraway places I’ll be visiting.

First stop: Guanajuato, Mexico.


s wideviewfull

Guanajuato, a gorgeous city in the mountains of central Mexico, is the state capital and full of beautiful colonial architecture.  It has a university,  the population is diverse and street life is vibrant.  There is almost nowhere you can walk that you are not either going up or down, and often VERY steeply.

s street scenes 1

s street scenes 2

s street scenes 3

Of course we spent a LOT time in places like this.

s san fernando square

And food and drink was a big part of the agenda.
Samplings from the market… We definitely tried the nopales (cactus) but passed on the little dried fish.

s market food

It’s no secret that we love animals at the Tin Barn, so hanging in this place where dogs are ever-present was a treat.  While the issue of street animals can be troubling in many countries (including back home), here in Guanajuato, there seemed to be a concerted effort by shop owners, residents and a local non-profit organization to care for, spay/neuter and rescue animals in need.  I just LOVE having these characters around!

s dogs

This one,  stole. my. heart.  If she had not already been snapped up off the streets I may have been looking to buy her a ticket home and hire her on as the next Tin Barn SHOP DOG!

s dog eva

Mexico is all about COLOUR.  …and mixing patterns with abandon.  I’ve seen as many as 8 different tiles designs in one bathroom not to mention the colours on the walls.  They are BOLD and I’m loving it!

s colour

SIDE TRIP: San Miguel de Allende.  Now I see why so many people have ended up moving here.  It is truly a beautiful city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and, some of the boutiques are pretty awesome.  It was a very quick trip… now I wish we had booked more time here.

s san miguel 1

s san miguel 2

s san miguel 3

Gorgeous courtyards, cathedrals and …giant puppets!

s san miguel group 4

And then, this spectacular old apothecary.  Of course this is where that suave dog was hanging out.

s san miguel apoth 2

And on our very last day we discovered what I dubbed Guanajuato’s TWIN Barn Market! This was a sweet little shop mixed with a gorgeous restaurant.  The owners weren’t there at the time but I sensed a kindred spirit.

s twin barn 1

s twin barn 3

s twin barn 2


And then, all too soon we had to pack up and say adios.

Next stop: Bali, Indonesia.  Which no doubt will offer up a completely different scene & experience.
I promise to write!


See you again at the end of March!


s wide night


  1. Hi Vicki and Stephen!
    Love your blog! Keep it coming!
    Safe travels.
    Xo Andrea

  2. Your pics and commentary are very cool. The photographs of the dogs are a very nice touch. Thank you. Have a blast in Bali!

  3. I think you’re going to be in Bali at the same time as my son! What a coincidence. Enjoy, and bring back some cool stuff for the Barn! *:) Auni

  4. looks so lovely and sunny, hope you’re having an amazing time exploring Vicki!

  5. What an adventure!!! Beautiful shots, makes me wish I was on an exploration like that, for now, I’ll just live vicariously through you. Thank-you so much for sharing! xo

  6. Hi All,

    Love you pics!
    …. and the “Wanderlust” Theme – very german. Dankeschön!

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